• SRE/Devops
  • MLOps/Data Engineering
  • ML/NLP
  • Go/Python/Shell Script
  • Container(Docker/Kubernetes/AWS ECS)
  • Cloud Infrastructure Design(AWS/GCP/Terraform)
  • Application Design(OOP,DDD)
  • Policy as Code(OPA/Rego/Conftest)
  • XR Tech(Unity/Blender/3D Modeling)


  • Senior Software Engineer(Machine Learning/MLOps) at  Match Group (eureka, Inc.)  (July, 2022〜 Present)
  • Senior Software Engineer(Site Reliability Engineering) at  Match Group (eureka, Inc.)  (March, 2022〜 June, 2022)
  • Site Reliability Engineer at  Match Group (eureka, Inc.)  (March, 2020〜 March, 2022)
    • Online Dating Service ( Number of Users Over 10 million, 3 Regions)  Pairs and Pairs Engage
      • Replace Infra Delivery Process(Terraform, Terraform Cloud, Github Actions)
      • AWS ECR vulnerability scan and workflow(AWS ECR, Confluence)
      • Self-Service with BotOps and CIOps(AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, Slack, Github Actions)
      • Introduction of Postmortem template and PlayBook(RunBook)(Confluence)
      • Replace incident response system with Slack ChatBot
      • Migration of Pairs Engage server from AWS EC2 to FARGATE(Go, AWS, Datadog)
      • Migration and Encryption of User Message Data from RDS to DynamoDB(Go, AWS, Datadog)
      • Design and Implementation of Data Lifecycle Policy System(Go, AWS, GCP, BigQuery)
      • Migration of Pairs Batch server from AWS EC2 to FARGATE(Go, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, Serverless Framework, Terraform)
      • Migration app/user log infrastructure from Fluentd(td-agent) to AWS Firelens & Fluent bit
      • Support Data Platform Migration Project(AWS Kinesis Firehose, Fivetran Connector, Amazon EC2 Bastion)
      • Introduction of Image moderation/fraud image detection with GPU Inference(Amazon EKS, Kubernetes, Nvidia, Cuda, Pytorch)
      • Introduction of GitOps (Argocd, Github Actions, OIDC with AWS provider)
      • Introduction of Policy as Code to automate terraform code-review process(Conftest, OPA, Rego)
  • Backend Engineer at  Wano Co.,Ltd.  (Feb, 2019〜Feb, 2020)
    • Music delivery system  VideoKicks
      • Development/Operation of APIs (Go, Clean Architecture)
      • Introduction and Enlightenment of CD with Gitops (CircleCI)
      • Introduction and Enlightenment of IaC (AWS, Terraform)
      • Introduction and Enlightenment of ChatOps (Slack)
      • Preliminary investigation and design of search infrastructure(Elasticsearch, Kibana)
      • Facilitation of US project
    • Shop recommend system of  Point Mall
      • Development of APIs (Go, Nginx, Clean Architecture)
      • Data source design (Mysql, Redis)
      • Overall infrastructure design and implementation (AWS, Terraform, Fluentd)
      • Production operation of application container(AWS ECS, Docker)
  • System Engineer at  Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc. (Apr, 2018 〜 Jan, 2019)
    • International payment core system (Mainframe)
      • Project leader of  Swift  system-compliant projects (Requirement definition, Basic design)
      • Regular maintenance(PL/I, JCL)


  • Ability of SRE to design and implement systems/operations with considering non-functional requirements such as SLI・SLO/Performance/Observability/Monitoring/Logging/Capacity planning/Cost/Security/Privacy perspectives(with Design Doc/Production Readiness Checklist)
  • Ability to build resilient and low-effort system with Cloud(AWS/GCP) infrastructure (IaC,Policy as Code with OPA/Rego/Conftest,Best Practice) and implement applications at the production level(Go,OOP,DDD)
  • Ability to operate containers in production environments using Kubernetes/AWS ECS, etc.
  • Ability to raise the knowledge baseline of the team and the company through workshops and proactive knowledge sharing
  • Ability to conduct systematic learning in areas in which they have no experience and to plan and execute significant projects.
  • Ability to involve stakeholders as necessary, clarify the project background, outcomes, and acceptance conditions, and develop a schedule for execution.
  • Ability to raise issues from data analysis
  • Ability to define and implement monitoring metrics and releases (A/B Test etc.) for ML systems
  • Ability to perform exploratory data analysis,create datasets, preprocess data, create simple ML models, create pipelines, conduct offline evaluations, serve, and conduct online evaluations for NLP-related issues.





  • Japanese: Native level

  • English: Business level




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  • 2021-11 AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty

  • 2019-03 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

  • 2018-11 Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination(基本情報技術者)

  • 2018-04 TOEIC 850

  • 2016-04 The Official Business Skill Test in Book-keeping,3rd grade(日商簿記3級)